"Christmas isn't a season. It's a feeling." — Edna Ferber


Christmas Trees Only:

  • 7ft – 9ft  – $500 decorating fee.  

  • 12ft  – $750 decorating fee.  

  • Custom tree:  cost of the decor (ribbon, ornaments, etc) + 20% shopping fee + decoration fee.   The decorations are yours to keep.

  • Full house decoration including trees, garland and styling $125/hr

    *There may be additional travel costs based on location 


About Me

Hi there!  I am Sarah Ruffalo and I have literally loved Christmas ALL my life. I AM that person waiting for Thanksgiving to end so I can put up a tree.  Even in college my roommates and I strung popcorn to make garland, put up what ornaments we could afford and also flattened beer cans for ornaments too. It was trashy… but we were so proud. I am grateful to be a grown up now and afford amazing trees!! ⁠


 I legitimately want everyone to LOVE Christmas and experience the magic that is Christmas. It’s the one time a year that we can experience life through a child’s eyes and let the love pour in.  Christmas is all about togetherness, giving and creating the magic that a Christmas tree brings into your home.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing faces light up when a client has a tree they love.  

email: ruffalosarah@gmail.com